The ANCORE Trainer, Explained.

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In the simplest terms, the ANCORE Trainer is a first-of-its-kind, portable cable training device. And while the trainer itself is small in size, it packs a powerful punch when it comes to the impact it can have on one’s space, programming, and quality of training. Let’s take a closer look.

Pound-for-Pound Value

the ancore trainer on a squat rack in a strength and conditioning gym

Fully loaded (with three resistance plates on either side), the ANCORE Trainer weighs about seven pounds and is no bigger than the size of a dumbbell. This makes it an ideal training device for those on the go, looking to maximize their current training facility, or wanting to bulk up their home gym without adding a cumbersome piece of equipment. We’ve heard many stories of customers and professional teams packing their ANCORE Trainer with them in a suitcase or backpack when they hit the road.

Resistance for the Entire Range of Motions 

With any cable trainer, the most important part of using it is the feeling of the resistance. It goes without saying then that a smooth, seamless experience was of incredible importance while developing the ANCORE Trainer. This is why you’ll find there’s always tension on the rope of the ANCORE Trainer and that it caters to all kinds of movements whether they be concentric, eccentric, or isometric. Additionally, because the resistance mechanism isn’t dependent on gravity, it can be used for slow, controlled movements (like those found in many physical therapy settings), high-speed, explosive movements (like those found in many sports performance settings), and everything in between.

A Complete Cable Training Experience

an athlete using the ancore trainer for explosive rows

Above everything else, the ANCORE Trainer was designed to provide a high-quality cable training experience regardless of your space, circumstance, or unique training needs.

The range of resistance is 5 pounds to 65 pounds and can be easily adjusted in increments of 5 pounds and 10 pounds via our twist on/twist off plates system. The cable length goes up to 8 feet providing the space needed to perform a wide variety of movements. The universal mount interface on the back of the ANCORE Trainer enables it to seamlessly go between all of our different mounting options. And the carabiner clip on the end of the device allows for a truly customizable training experience with changing between attachments as simple as snapping them on. 

For Athletes of All Kinds

The ANCORE Trainer was designed with the athlete in mind, and we aren’t just talking about the ones you see on TV. To us, being an athlete means continually and relentlessly striving to improve and live actively regardless of everything else. This is why we believe anyone can be an athlete and in the power of athletes of all kinds. 

Let’s get training.