Trees, Poles, and the Octagon: Mounting the Rack Mount on Rounded Surfaces

  • 2 min read

No squat rack in your facility or home gym? No problem. The Rack Mount works well on a variety of rounded surfaces including trees, poles, and more. Here’s a closer look at mounting the Rack Mount to a rounded surface and the many different ways members of our ANCORE Community have used their Rack Mount to build strength.

Checking for Compatibility

Our standard Rack Mount strapping is 21 inches in length and a rounded surface that has an approximate circumference of 13 inches is optimal. To double-check the circumference of the surface you have in mind, simply take a tape measurer and wrap it around the mounting fixture.

What If the Rounded Surface I had in Mind isn’t Compatible with Standard Strapping?

If your surface is larger or smaller, there’s nothing to worry about. We offer custom strapping with the Rack Mount. You can request custom strapping by emailing us at along with the name and dimensions of the rounded surface. Once received, a team member will help to personally get you set up and find the strapping that’s a fit for your squat rack.

Poles, Beams, and Posts

the ancore trainer being used on a pole or post for training

In one of the more common scenarios, different poles or posts can be used to mount the Rack Mount. Normally, this happens when a squat rack just isn’t in a convenient spot or when the layout of a facility or home gym features one or multiple support beams.

Opting for an Outdoor Workout

the ancore trainer and rack mount being used on a tree to workout

It’s tough to beat the great outdoors when it comes to ideal workout spaces and many members of our ANCORE Community would agree. When you feel the need to soak up some sun while you train, the Rack Mount can be attached to a tree enabling you to build strength without missing out on the Vitamin D.

Getting Creative

the ancore being used in the octagon by miesha tate, on a banister on a staircase and on a treadmill

Sometimes, though, there may not be any beams, or you might want to directly incorporate your ANCORE Trainer into a sport-specific area. In both instances, the Rack Mount can be used on those surfaces. Whether it’s wrapped around the banister of stairs, secured to the UFC Octagon, or attached to a treadmill, the Rack Mount adapts to your space and training requirements.  

A Pro Tip from the ANCORE Team

If you find the Rack Mount to be sliding slightly while using it, try applying a damp cloth to the rubber backing. This can create a bit of tackiness and hold the Rack Mount in place while you train.