Handcrafted, Unlimited Adjustability: The Sliding Track Mount

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how to use the ancore sliding track mount

For those looking to take the full cable training experience home without sacrificing space, look no further than the Sliding Track Mount. Like the track on any cable machine, the adjustability is limitless and smooth. Unlike other tracks, the Sliding Track Mount takes up virtually no space and blends right into almost any training setting regardless of whether it’s a facility or home gym. Let’s take a closer look.  

Handcrafted in the USA for the Complete Cable Training Experience 

At six-feet high, the Sliding Track provides the complete cable training experience. The track itself is made from aluminum and can be easily installed into a wooden wall stud. Like all ANCORE Mounts, the steel traveler on the Sliding Track Mount features the universal mount interface making it compatible with the ANCORE Trainer and locking pin mechanism. What truly makes this mount shine, though, is that each one is handcrafted in our shop. At each stage of the process whether it’s cutting the aluminum into six-foot pieces, assembling the traveler, or testing the smoothness of the traveler on the track there’s an ANCORE Team member present. Similar to the Wall Mount, all the hardware to install the Sliding Track Mount is included to make the setup process as easy as possible. Watch the video below to see how seamless it is to install the Sliding Track Mount.

First, use a Stud Finder to locate the center of a wooden wall stud. Then, determine and measure the height at which each end of the ANCORE Sliding Track Mount will sit. At these two heights, use the Stud Finder to locate the center of the wall stud. Mark this location lightly with a pencil. 

From there, with help from a friend, have someone hold the ANCORE Sliding Track Mount and Sliding Track Mount Spacer against the wall. To note, it is easiest, to begin with, the top Sliding Track Mount screw and Sliding Track Mount Spacer first. While holding and confirming proper alignment to the pencil marks at the center of the stud, have the other person screw in a Sliding Track Mount screw in the top location. To allow for alignment of the bottom of the ANCORE Sliding Track Mount with the stud, don’t tighten the screws all the way.

Now, move to the bottom of the ANCORE Sliding Track Mount. Align the ANCORE Sliding Track Mount so that it is centered on the wall stud. Screw in a Sliding Track Mount screw until tight. Then, return to the top Sliding Track Mount screw in and tighten fully.

Now screw in the remaining three Sliding Track Mount screws. Don’t forget to insert the center Sliding Track Mount Spacers. Once the mount is secure, begin your workout.

Two Tracks: The Full Cable Crossover Setup

For those looking for the full cable crossover setup, adding a second Sliding Track Mount can accomplish just that. For the best experience, many of the members of our ANCORE Community have spaced the tracks out approximately four feet. Not only does this setup allow for a wider range of movements including cable flies and crossover pulldowns, but also provides unlimited adjustability to ensure you’re able to train your way.


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