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Copy of Our Story

Welcome to Anchor, a Health and Fitness company dedicated to making physical therapy and exercise more accessible for everyone.

Anchor was started by two young guys, Nathaniel Herring and Isaac Lewis, who always embraced active lifestyles. The risks and consequences of their adventures coincidently came as an identical pair of major surgeries and big bulky slings for both of them. 

Both Nathaniel and Isaac wanted to get back to their active ways, heal quickly and get their strength back. They both experienced difficulty building back their strength when bands became ineffective and weight lifting was not yet practical. 

"We both saw how we could build our strength incrementally with cable functional training machines but we needed something more accessible. We wanted a cable machine for ourselves -- but we didn’t know where we would put it. So, we made a cable trainer that you could put basically anywhere." 

After meeting in grad school at Babson College, Nathaniel and Isaac set out to create a company and build an accessible cable machine that you could use anywhere – The Anchor Trainer.