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The ANCORE Trainer

Introducing a cable training experience that fits into your space.


Meet the ANCORE Trainer

Build Your Strength

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Here's what "ancores" us. ⚓️

We believe that no matter what life throws at you, there's always a way to become stronger.

We help people become stronger by shaping their surroundings with products and services that are remarkably functional, convenient and user-friendly.

 We've created the ANCORE Trainer that brings the experience of gym quality equipment into any space.


Easier on your joints

Safer than free weights or other heavy equipment

Offers a highly versatile range of exercises

Raise Your ANCORE - Build Your Strength. Anywhere.

Sports Training and Performance

Incorporate cable training exercises for athletes wherever the game takes them

Physical Therapy

Bring a cable machine into any room for your patients


High-quality strength and rehab routines in privacy and comfort

Fitness Studios

Outfit any space and add cable exercises into your clients' routines

The ANCORE Trainer

Experience of a full-sized cable machine

Perform all your concentric, eccentric and isometric movements in your routine through highly adjustable resistance increments.

Resistance Plates


The ANCORE Trainer's compact and lightweight design makes it easy to bring it along wherever you go. It easily fits into your hands and weighs less than 5lbs.

Mount Versatility

With permanent and portable options, the ANCORE Trainer can adapt to any space. Choose from four different mounting options.

Check out our mounts!

See How ANCORE Sizes Up

Traditional Cable Machine, Starting $2,999

Traditional cable machines are trustworthy but are often inaccessible due to their large size, heavy weight, or high price. At ANCORE, we address these barriers through our compact and lightweight design.

New ANCORE Set Up, Starting $399

ANCORE believes that by making high quality equipment accessible through portability, versatility, and affordability, we can make recovery and strength building significantly easier and better for everyone.

Experience high quality cable training in any space for a fraction of the cost.

Raise Your ANCORE with our customers

Professional Grade

The ANCORE Trainer gives our clients and coaches a versatile and compact cable system that can be used anywhere. 

Dr. Tim DiFrancesco, Former Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Los Angeles Lakers

The versatility and size of the ANCORE trainer allows our therapists to set up the strengthening device in any location within our gym or assessment rooms. We can affix the trainer at any height we choose. The ANCORE is ideal for upper or lower body strengthening and endurance exercises. It is an ideal device for client’s to use at home to complete their prescribed home program.

Ryan Thomas, PT, Western Ontario Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation Centre

Dr. Tim DiFrancesco, PT, DPT

"I was immediately impressed with the compact profile, the ease of use, and the versatility of the product. Think of a cable system that you can install anywhere and can be held in your hand! I use the ANCORE Trainer for everything from rehab exercises to more ballistic, high-performance athlete training drills. 

Whether you run a gym, a physical therapy clinic, a team weight room, or are just looking to expand your home gym, this unit will make your space more efficient and effective while expanding the possibilities of your workouts and training." 

Tim served as the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Los Angeles Lakers for 6 seasons where he was responsible for the fitness and nutrition of all players, including perennial NBA All-Stars Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, and Dwight Howard.

Tim's the founder of TD Athletes Edge, which, provides performance-based training through his facility and online training programs. Tim uses the ANCORE Trainer to help his evidence-based training, individualized programming and supportive community.


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Next Level Versatility

Adjustable Resistance

ANCORE Mounts adapt to your space

Strap Mount

Perfect for any poles, beams, columns, or any strong fixtures (or trees) that work to anchor your ANCORE Trainer securely.

Learn More

Wall Mount

Have a spot where you use your ANCORE Trainer every time? Mount this sturdy and subtle piece to your wall. (Installation required)

Learn More

Sliding Track Mount

Looking for some incredibly easy adjustability? The Sliding Track Mount is for you! (Installation required)

Learn More

Standing Platform Mount

If you have a lot of upward movements in your routine, you should step things up with this mount!

Learn More

Door Mount

Start your cable training routine wherever you are and slide on the Door Mount for quick and easy use.

Learn More

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