Accessories to unlock more from your ANCORE setup

Take your ANCORE on the go. Fine tune your resistance. Store your resistance plates.
Get the most out of your ANCORE
Easily Take your ANCORE on the go
Carrying Case
from $75.00
The Carrying Case is the perfect way to keep your ANCORE setup organized and safe.
  • Compatible with the ANCORE and the ANCORE Pro.
  • Sturdy outer construction with custom-molded interior.
  • Includes detachable shoulder strap and mesh pocket.
Dial in your resistance to maximize your gains
Resistance Plates
from $95.00
Stackable. Portable. And packing a punch, the Resistance Plates enable endless customization.
  • Compatible with the ANCORE and ANCORE Pro.
  • Available in 2.5 lbs, 5 lbs, and 10 lbs increments.
  • Easy twist on/twist off mechanism.
Keep your space clean and store your plates
Plate Dock
from $99.00
Store your Resistance Plates and keep them off the ground without taking up any space.
  • Available in strap-mounted and wall-mounted options.
  • Resistance Plates twist on and twist off for quick storage.
  • Machined-metal body for added durability.