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Our Story

How a fly ball and a dirt ramp sparked an idea for a first-of-its-kind portable cable trainer.

grass and dirt on a field

Always living active lifestyles, the ANCORE story begins with our founders, Nathaniel Herring and Isaac Lewis, heading to the hospital. What happened exactly? Nathaniel, got a little too much air mountain biking. Isaac, dove a little too hard for a fly ball in the outfield during a college baseball game.

ancore founders isaac lewis and nathaniel herring

Two entirely different sports with the exact same outcome: a major shoulder dislocation and an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon. There was, however, a silver lining to our founders’ identical time under the knife. It allowed both of them to truly understand the problem with recovery and building strength. And thus, the idea for ANCORE was born.

ancore founders isaac lewis and nathaniel herring

Through their own personal experiences of building back their strength, Isaac and Nathaniel found a disconnect between one of the most valuable pieces of training equipment, the cable trainer, and building strength. After meeting in school, they set out to make functional training as abundant and available as any form of training. The outcome? A first-of-its-kind functional training experience designed for maximal portability, accessibility and adaptability. Not bad for a trip to the hospital.

ancore founders isaac lewis and nathaniel herring at babson college


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