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How a fly ball and a dirt ramp sparked an idea for a first-of-its-kind portable cable trainer.


All ANCORE Pro orders will ship within 3 to 5 business days from the order date. 

Commercial level cable training at a fraction of the cost and space. ANCORE Pro was made for athletes, coaches, or facilities looking to take their training to a whole new level.

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    What's included in my order?

    -1 x ANCORE Pro Base Unit

    -1 x Strap Mount

    -Standard or Plus set of Resistance Plates

    -Handle attachment

    The Plus resistance set comes with a pair of additional 10 lbs plates enabling you to reach the maximum resistance of 65 pounds. The maximum resistance is achieved by attaching three 10 lbs plates per side with the base unit providing 5 lbs of resistance.

    The Standard resistance set comes with enough resistance plates for up 55 lbs of resistance. You can always purchase additional resistance plates later on.

    -Cable length: 8 ft

    -Base resistance: 5 lbs (no resistance plates attached)

    -Product maximum resistance: 65 lbs

    -Range of resistance: 5 lbs to 65 lbs

    -Maximum number of plates per side: 3 plates

    -Weight: ~ 9 lbs (fully loaded)

    -Dimensions: 12 in x 4.75 in x 3 in (fully loaded)

    -Cable made from a high-strength, synthetic Dyneema® fiber

    -Machined-metal exterior

    -Coated steel universal carabiner clip

    Yes! If you're looking for a dual cable option for crossover movements, click here to check out the Dual ANCORE Pro setup.

    Yes, we do offer worldwide shipping. For our athletes in the EU and UK, click here to check out our different international distribution partners. Please note that for products purchased via, our international shipping rates do not include additional country-specific taxes upon the package arriving. To help improve the transparency in the process, please find the shipping calculator link to estimate the taxes for your country; click here and use HS code 950699. 

    For our Canadian customers, we are pleased to let you know that your order shouldn’t be subject to any duties as our products are assembled in North America. However, your order may be subject to the local standard sales tax upon arrival as if it was purchased domestically. Since we do not operate directly in Canada, we do not collect any possible Canadian sales tax. To reduce shipping costs and possible brokerage fees, we encourage customers to order from our Canadian partner, Dotmar Fitness Equipment, you can visit them at

    Yes, we back all products purchased in the US with a 30-day trial. If, for some reason, you find ANCORE is not a fit for you we will send you a return label, provide a full refund, and ask for your feedback to see how we might be able to improve our experience.

    The ANCORE Strap Mount is designed for use on nearly any squat rack but will also work well on various poles, beams, and fixtures. The optimal circumference of the mounting fixture is between 10 inches and 14 inches.

    We can customize the length of the ANCORE Strap Mount for you: Please reach out at with the subject line "Custom Length - Strap Mount," and we'll be happy to get you set up.

    Unreal durability

    Roller guidance system minimizes cable wear and tear to provide commercial-level quality cable training without the clutter.

    Machined-metal exterior face

    A massively reimagined metal-plated body makes for an exceptionally sleek and durable cable training experience.

    Resistance built for the pros

    With resistance ranging from 5 to 65 pounds, you can easily adjust ANCORE Pro to meet the needs of your training, no matter what it looks like.

    Complete compatibility

    Seamlessly go between any ANCORE mount with the universal mount interface.

    Assembled in the USA

    Each ANCORE product is carefully crafted and hand-assembled at our shop on the North Shore of Massachusetts.

    Endless Attachments

    The universal carabiner clip makes it easy to train with any attachment.

    Start training with your ANCORE without library of more than 75 different movements

    Start training with your ANCORE Pro right away

    Access more than 75 movements spanning more than 10 training different areas, all guided by our expert performance coaches.

    Complete your training setup.