ANCORE Weekly - June 11, 2020

ancore weekly

1 New Space to Use your ANCORE

female athlete using an ancore trainer outdoors

Thank you Julia for sharing your workout from the park! Great to see you lighting up those light posts.

1 New Workout to Complete: ANCORE Summer Workout Mashup

ancore trainer being used on the track mount indoors

Click here to see it.

3 rounds of the following exercises:

  1. Lateral Cable Leg Lifts - 10 each leg
  2. Cable Twists - 10 each side
  3. Tricep Extensions - 10 each arm
  4. Single-Arm Cable Press - 10 each arm
  5. Internal Arm Rotation - 10 each arm

1 Idea about Strength

Author Leo Tolstoy with an idea on strength:

“The more humble a person is, the freer and stronger he is.”