Mounts made to fit your space.

Turn your squat rack into a cable machine in seconds. Easily take your ANCORE unit on the go and mount it anywhere Add the easy-to-install Sliding Track Mount for infinite adjustability.
Mount your ancore anywhere
Included in every ANCORE unit order
Strap Mount
from $75.00
From squat racks to poles to posts to even trees, the Strap Mount enables you to train anywhere.
  • Easily attach via the industrial-grade velcro strap.
  • Rubber tread and aluminum-lined plate for a tight hold.
  • Steel-safety lanyard for added peace of mind.
Your squat rack will thank you for this one
Rack Mount
from $169.00
Machined-metal mount designed for four-hole squat racks and tough training environments.
  • Made with a durable aluminum plate and steel rod.
  • Patented spring-locking knob for quick adjustments.
  • The best mounting option for any squat rack.
Easy-to-install and even easier to use
Sliding Track Mount
from $249.00
Sleek and stylish, the Sliding Track Mount blends into any settting and enhances your training.
  • Six-foot metal sliding track designed for wood studs.
  • Slide your ANCORE unit up and down with the twist knob.
  • Install in less than 10 minutes with all hardware included.