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How a fly ball and a dirt ramp sparked an idea for a first-of-its-kind portable cable trainer.

ANCORE Weekly - August 27, 2020

  • 2 min read

ANCORE Weekly - August 27, 2020

Hello and welcome!This week’s edition of the ANCORE Weekly covers a movement to help build strength in the obliques, the benefits of boxing for sports performance, and a case for more sleep. Let’s get started.

Movement of the Week: Reverse Cable Chops

ancore trainer being used for reverse cable chops

It’s no secret that a strong core is essential to an athlete performing at their best. A strong core plays an important role in everything from throwing a baseball to running with a football. These reverse cable chops are an excellent way to build core strength, specifically in the obliques.

From the World of Training and Performance

It’s time to put on the gloves. And open up to the benefits boxing can have on your sports performance. Whether it’s agility, quickness or rotational power, the sweet science has you covered. Learn how floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee can make you a better athlete.

Pressure is a natural part of sports and something all athletes have felt. The key, though, is staying calm under pressure and letting the years of practice take over. Find out why we sometimes choke under pressure and how to stay calm when it matters most.

Want to notch more W’s?Then, catch more Z’s. Sleep is the superpower all athletes can tap into and a good night’s sleep can benefit your brain, body and even your genetic code. Check out the performance-boosting advantages of sleep and get a few tips for better shut-eye.

James Norris of Handi Capable Fitness training at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning

On the podcast this week.This week we talked with the founder of Handi Capable Fitness James Norris. We talked about what it was like training for and competing in a Spartan Race, playing sled hockey, and what inspired him to start Handi Capable Fitness. Subscribe to the podcast on Spotifyhere or watch it on YouTubehere.


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