ANCORE Weekly - October 15, 2020

ANCORE Weekly - October 15, 2020

Hello and welcome! This week’s edition of the ANCORE Weekly covers a variation to build balance, the benefits of biting into an apple, and some tips for building focus. Let’s get started!

Movement of the Week: Split Stance One-Arm Press

Co-owner of TD Athletes Edge Matt Ibrahim does a split stance one arm press on his ANCORE Trainer

Balance, reactivity, and coordination are essential components of elite-level athletic performance. Without them, even the most basic of movements, like kicking a ball or swinging a bat, can’t be done. And while an athlete can do specific exercises to train for these skills, they can also be trained through small variations in regular movements. The split stance one-arm press provides all the benefits of a single-arm press along with the balance-building benefits of a split stance providing an excellent way to train for both strength and coordination.

From the World of Training and Performance

As the saying goes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. And while we can’t confirm the validity of that expression, we can confirm that America’s second-favorite fruit is packed with health benefits. Take a bite out of these eight benefits of apple eating and learn more about this portable, delicious fruit.

What does it mean to have grit? The term is thrown around constantly in the world of sports and frequently pointed to as an x-factor for an athlete. Still, what it means and how it drives an athlete’s success is foggy. Learn the theory behind this athlete intangible and why it’s a driver for success. 

Athletes are creatures of habit. Between pre-game routines, post-game rituals, and off-season training regimens, there’s a plan for almost everything. These routines, though, pale in comparison to practicing the habit of excellence. Find out why striving for excellence can give you an athletic edge and how to make it a daily habit. 

Focus is a critical skill for all athletes. But, in an age where distractions are numerous and attention spans are less and less, is focus something that can be improved? The answer: yes. Find out how to boost your focus, tune out distractions, and unlock new levels of productivity. 

Will Levis on the CORECAST presented by ANCORE health and fitness

On the podcast this week. We talked with Penn State Quarterback Will Levis. We talked about the moment he knew the quarterback position was for him, the importance of preparation in his growth as a football player, and how his training has evolved during his college career. Subscribe to the podcast on Spotify here or watch it on YouTube here.