Building Strength: Adjusting Resistance on Your ANCORE

How to Adjust Resistance on Your ANCORE

Adjusting the resistance on the ANCORE or ANCORE Pro is a central part of the training experience. Whether it’s increasing the resistance just a little bit by adding a 5-pound plate or loading up for heavier movements by adding multiple 10-pound plates, the resistance plates are what make the experience truly unique. Here’s how to adjust the resistance of your ANCORE and get the most out of your training. 

First, align the resistance plate with the side of the ANCORE.

Then, turn the plate away from you. If the ANCORE is flipped upside down, you’ll flip the plate toward you.

Once the plate has been turned away from you, lock it in place. Don’t worry if the sticker with the number on it isn’t facing you.

It’s important to note that turning the plate away from you when adjusting resistance can significantly increase the lifespan of your resistance and ensure the best possible training experience.

Finally, to add additional resistance, repeat the previous steps until the resistance is adjusted according to your training needs.